CEO Message

Dear Customer:
Thank you for your interest to our company, our product and service. We have been in photonics industry including laser, imaging, test and detection, metrology and measurement, software and design for nearly 15 years. Based in Singapore, the hub of South East Asia, we have embedded quality and customer service grains deeply in our organization. We conduct design and development, scale assembly and test in our Singapore facility which is certified ISO9001 since year 2004.
We have established our optics fabrication facility since year 2003. The facility has been certified ISO9001 and ISO14000 since year 2006. It has been expanded to 12000 square meters in 2010. Continuous investment on facility as well as production process and equipment has been made over the years. SPC, 6S and other tools are applied widely in factory quality and engineering management. Training employee is high focus among our organization. From basic manufacturing skills to sophisticated capacity management system are provided in regular basis. We believe quality to customers is delivered from quality employee’s hand. Thus we put training high priority in each year’s agenda.
Maintaining business ethic such as honesty to customers, fairness to employees, respect to suppliers etc are cultivated in company culture. We emphasis right fundamentals for long term organizational success.
Thanks for photonics industry growth over the years. Laser system becomes smaller but power gets higher. IR Imaging device has extended detectable wave band which produces clearer image. Customer demands for long life span optics as well as environment-friendly one. The demand grows to others too such as measurement system and photonics design software. We are working on these challenges to meet the increasing demand. I believe Wavelength team will deliver to you solutions for your satisfaction.
Lastly, I wish you enjoy surfing our website, and be successful in your business and career.


Robert Huang
Chief Executive Officer