Introduction of Eshop

Monday, October 19, 2015

Introduction of


First of all,   our logo  WOE Logo on the home page,  it will always bring you to home page whenever you click it.

From this Eshop,  you could easily get the information of our product inventory / price / specification / drawing etc.

You would be able to search our standard products from this EShop 

  1. In search function,
  • If you know our product Part No,  example: LZ-1-2-ET3,  please key in the “ search” space, you may also key in partial of the part no. , example: LZ-1-2,  it will show all related products
  • If you only know the key specification, example:  Si mirror, please key in “ Si mirror  “  in the “search “ space
  • Then click “ Advanced search”,  “ search in product description”
  • You will find the related products

Eshop Guide

  1.  Inventory
  • “Availability “ in each item page shows the real time inventory status of this product,  it is subject to first come first service.
  • If there is no Availability information, the items may be out of stock or not ready for shipment, please contact us: 
  1. Price
  • Price in our Eshop is subject to change without prior notice.  For quantity >5pcs, please contact us for better offer.
  1. Drawing and specification
  • the drawing and specification is subject to change without prior notice.  We reserve the right to revise our drawing and specification at any time.

If you have any question, please feel free to send email to: for assistance

Wish you happy shopping with us!


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Eshop Service Group