Red diode combined module for 10.6um laser
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This Laser pointer module is made up of a small red diode laser and ZnSe combiner plate.  The diode laser and beam combiner are able to be adjusted.

Technical specification:

Wavelength of diode laser                         635nm

Adjustable angle of beam combiner          ±4˚

Output power of diode                               5mW

Operational voltage                                  DC≤5V

Operational current                                   ≤80mA

Laser ellipticity                                          1:1.6

Standard Working distance                      10 Meter

Beam size                                                 3.2X4.5(mm)@10m

divergence                                                1.5mrad

Operational tempreture                          -10˚C- +40˚C

Connecting type                                       4-M4 Hex screws